Hacker Noon Features Blocktrade Capital

PMBC Group’s client, Blocktrade Capital, was featured on Hacker Noon.

10 Insights From Investors About How They Evaluate ICO Projects

In 2017–2018, some of the most conservative and prudent players in the entire economic system entered the blockchain industry: venture capital investors. They bring in their fiat money, despite the high risks associated with volatility, and the lack of legal regulation.

Why have venture capital investors come over to crypto-currency projects? Simply because the crypto-industry itself is getting smarter. With each passing month, the crypto-currency market becomes more predictable.

Ben Marks, Founder & CEO, Blocktrade Capital

The first thing to look for is whether the project’s support base seems to be growing. Twitter is a resource here. Scroll back to a project’s earliest tweets and see much traction it’s gotten. If the project began work a year ago and hasn’t accomplished much since, it’s unlikely that the team is going to suddenly spring to life and work like crazy to start making things happen. But if the project began a few months ago and has a growing community of followers, it’s a good sign.

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