Cryptocurrency businesses aren’t afraid of Google and Facebook’s ad ban

PMBC Group client, CrowdfundX, was featured in Mashable.

In the past month, two major online advertising platforms — Google AdWords and Facebook— have announced a full-on ban of cryptocurrency-related ads, and rumors say Twitter will follow their lead.

Interestingly enough, several crypto-related companies I’ve contacted said they actually welcome the ad ban. Darren Marble, the CEO of fintech marketing firm CrowdfundX, which is marketing the widely publicized KodakCoin, is one of them.

“The only people who are disappointed in Twitter’s purported ban of crypto ads are the scammers and con artists. The big money raised in ICOs is relationship-based, and the most legitimate issuers are well connected to active crypto and blockchain funds. I think the ban on crypto advertising is actually positive change for the industry, and will help clean up a lot of the garbage,” Marble told me via e-mail.

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