Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, NASDAQ And Others Have Big Plans for Cryptocurrencies

PMBC Group’s client,, was featured in FXEmpire.
Large financial institutions are rushing to bring regulated crypto products to market and attract billions of new investment capital. Goldman Sachs, CME/CBOE, JPMorgan, Nasdaq and Morgan Stanley are already embracing cryptocurrencies.

Director of Financial and Risk Innovation at Thomson Reuters Sam Chadwick said that conversations with various clients have revealed that many hedge funds and other asset managers are showing increased interest in adding crypto to their portfolios. The increased enthusiasm is in line with a recent Thomson Reuters survey that shows one in five financial institutions have plans to start buying and selling crypto in the next 12 months.

In my opinion, this goes to show that the crypto world and the mainstream finance worlds are not, contrary to popular opinion, pitted against one another, but are rather working together to achieve a new financial landscape that is more compliant and diversified than ever before. Here are five financial institutions that either already has – or will shortly- incorporate crypto into their mainstream trading platforms.

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