The Drum Features ODX

PMBC Group’s client, ODX Pte., Ltd. was featured on The Drum.

How Blockchain Bridges the Digital Divide for E-Commerce in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are a hotbed for e-commerce as the industry is continuing to rapidly grow. In fact, these economies are poised to become the next mega-market and are going to be essential for future growth as retailers may soon reach consumer saturation. However, the sector currently faces one fundamental challenge – consistent, free internet access.

For those in developed countries, the internet has become a daily, vital necessity. It has opened the door for opportunities in every sector of society and is often looked at as the number one, most effective medium for communication, entertainment, news and business. Unfortunately, it has had the opposite effect on those in emerging markets, as it has created a significant gap in terms of usage and access, otherwise known as the digital divide. Due to these access restrictions and data expenses, the average consumer is online less than 25 days out of every month; far less than in other parts of the world.

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