How Blockchain Can Fill the Talent Gap in Cybersecurity and AI

Cybersecurity is big business. And it costs big businesses a lot of money every year (not to mention a few panic attacks and sleepless nights). But as hackers get more inventive and data is increasingly digitized, it’s only logical that cyber threats will rise. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be able to prevent attacks from happening. Blockchain could make our systems more secure. But beyond our current weak spots, we have another problem–an overwhelming talent gap in cybersecurity and AI.

No offense to the professionals already working in these areas. Hats off to you–you’re doing a great job, make no mistake. But with an EY report finding that 56 percent of senior AI professionals see lack of talent as the biggest barrier to implementing AI, and unemployment in cybersecurity practically nonexistent, there just aren’t enough qualified people to go around.

That leaves a talent gap in cybersecurity and AI that places businesses in a tight spot. The technology is there, but they’re stuck in their tracks. Those with the desired skill sets are of course laughing all the way to the bank, with so many job offers they don’t know what to do. But companies are biting their nails with important positions almost impossible to fill–and the end consumer has to brunt the prices.

“This year, as businesses strategized how to integrate AI into their operations,” said EY Global Innovation Technologies Leader and Global Chief Analytics Officer, Chris Mazzei, “they were hampered by a shortage of experts.”

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