Will Big Banks Make Or Break Bitcoin?

PMBC Group’s client, A7 Core, was featured in Forbes.

For years, big banks played an important role in global capitalism. They have been the gatekeepers of national currencies flowing between central banks and the general public. And they have been collecting hefty fees for this role – fees that pay the salaries and bonuses of their employees and the dividends of their stockholders.

Kelly Tyler, Chief Commercial Officer at A7 Core, CEO of A7 Core, which is raising capital via an ICO to move coupons to a blockchain, agrees that banks cannot stop Bitcoin. “Change is coming,” says Tyler.  “I think banks can feel it. Some of them would like to stop it, but it is like trying to stop the mounting waves of the ocean.”

That’s why they should adopt it sooner rather than later. “The sooner banks adapt and adopt some form of blockchain technology the more relevant they will remain,” adds Tyler.

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