What’s The Difference Between A Regulated ICO And An STO?

PMBC Group’s client, CrowdfundX, was featured in The Merkle.

Take a deep breath before you read this. Maybe go get a coffee. We’re going to talk about everybody’s favorite topic – regulation. Regulation is something that splits the crypto world down the middle. It sends many people into a blind fury over quashing innovation, or a heated discourse about the wealthy trying to seize back the power.

“There’s a small number of con artists and scammers ruining it for everyone else. No company ever can guarantee 100 percent return on investment. That’s a red flag; that’s the very definition of a scam,” says Darren Marble, CEO of CrowdfundX.

And since he so kindly brought the STO acronym to our attention for the first time, it’s only fitting to let him explain it in greater detail in his own words.

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